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Cyril Michelsen Trust Fund

This trust fund honours the late Cyril Michelsen, a founding member of Sports Star and long-time editor of the Bendigo Advertiser. The primary goal of the Trust Fund is to assist and encourage young men and women who have shown outstanding promise and the potential to reach international or national level in their chosen sport. The Cyril Michelsen Trust fund was first awarded in 1982-1983. Several of the recipients went on to win the Sports Star of the Year Award. In the case of cyclists Robert Burns and Glenn O'Shea and multiple world yachting champion Glenn Ashby, this happened more than once.

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Maxine Crouch Trust Fund

This trust fund honours the late Maxine Crouch, a champion for many sporting causes in our region. Maxine was also a Sports Star panelist. The primary goal of the Maxine Crouch Trust Fund is to assist and encourage young men and women who have shown outstanding promise and potential to reach national or international level in their chosen sport. The trust fund was first presented in 2001-2002 to Skye Taylor for canoeing.

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Faith Leech Achievement Award

The Faith Leech Achievement Award pays tribute to a sporting identity or group, recognising their inspiring achievements and service to sport. The Bendigo Spirit won the first Faith Leech Achievement Award in 2013-2014 - a passionate, talented and caring team and part of the Bendigo sporting community.

Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame was established to recognise the contribution made to sport in this region by administrators and

coaches, as well as athletes.

Healthiest School Award

This award was introduced in 2014-2015 and exists to showcase the efforts of participating local schools to promote

important health messages to students and their families. In a region challenged by a diverse range of health issues,

educating the younger generation about the necessity of living a healthy lifestyle is vital in transforming our society into

one that is not only fitter and healthier, but more sustainable.

Sports Star Scholarships

Funded by the generous support of participating businesses from across the region, this program was launched in

2016-2017 with the aim to provide more financial support to select athletes and to assist them on their sporting journey.

Bendigo Bank '“Community Minded Award”

Bendigo Bank is well versed in the words “Community” and “Sport” with their support of both going back well over 20 years, with over $101 million invested back into Victoria.

Their commitment to promoting the continual growth of the sporting presence in Bendigo and the huge part they play in creating healthier and happier communities, has allowed us to launch the new Bendigo Bank Community Minded Award in 2019.

An award that will encourage sporting teams and clubs to implement initiatives that have a positive impact on the community and generates outcomes that have a long-term benefit.