Can you name Bendigo's healthiest school?


healthiest school award

Let us know which school is Bendigo's healthiest


Bendigo Health is providing $3000 to find the school in the Bendigo region that is encouraging its students to achieve their most- this includes being more active, eating better, and providing environments that support mental wellbeing.

The Bendigo Sports Star Awards are strong advocates for encouraging our youth to succeed, and we know that schools play a significant role in this.


Schools throughout the region are invited to nominate themselves and express the reasons why they should be voted the healthiest school for 2019. 

General members of the public can also nominate a school that they think deserves the award.


To nominate:

All you have to do is let us know what your nominated school does that describes why they should win the title.

Examples of initiatives to promote health include:

breakfast programs, physical activity programs, gardening programs, mental health awareness, cooking skill, community engagement

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Give name of school and the reasons why it is the healthiest

Previous winners:

2018-19 Camp Hill Primary School

2017-18 St Liborius Primary School

2016-17 Specimen Hill Primary School

2015-16 Spring Gully Primary School

2014-15 Violet Street Primary School